Is Life That Hard in Nairobi, Kenya?

Nairobi, Kenya

Life in Nairobi can actually be very good and even more so If the government really gave a damn about its people and cities. I think if they did it could very well be one of the best cities in the world to live in.

If you can make a decent living; I’m talking $4k and above, you can have a better standard of living than a western country. If you read on I will tell you why.

First and foremost because of its consistent quite comfortable temperature all year round. The weather is lovely here.

Second, it has great places to visit from mountains, grasslands, rainforests and world class beaches. If you’re an outdoors kinda person it has a lot to offer, such as the huge variety of animals species – bird species are in the thousands.

Nairobi, You can get fresh non-GMO vegetable produce and for cheap. Food in restaurants is also a lot cheaper than in most Western countries. In addition, meat such as chicken beef, and mutton are organic and very flavorful than in other countries I have visited.

House-helps! They can make your life a lot easier provided you find an honest one and treat them well (good pay and respect).

Majority of kenyans are friendly and down-to- earth and have good conservatives values.

Insecurity is not even as bad as places such as citeies in South Africa or US for that matter, cities such as in Florida or Chicago. There’s hardly any racial tensions or alarming, society crippling gang culture among the youth.

There arent any major sanctions on the usage of social media like many other countries have so it does encourage free speech to a certain extent accept for inciting tribalism or in expressing some political views.

Those are some of the main things that really help your standard of living.

There are however things that make life a lot harder especially when you dont make a decent living because:

The government doesn’t give tax payers back nearly as much citizens pay them. No social security for the poor, nor free medical or education- just primary school is covered.

The infrastructure has improved but the city is still in bad condition especially the inner roads and even some major highways. They make your commute to work tiring day in day out!

Mostly attributable to rampant corruption on all levels in the government.

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