Pilot Job Requirements, School, Fees, And Salary In Kenya

Pilots are one of the best-paid professionals not only in Kenya but across the globe. Of the 12 biggest airports in Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport alone operates 39 airlines to and from 64 destinations.

Therefore you can see the demand for pilots in Kenya being on the rise.

The biggest national airline is Kenya Airways. It is a leading airline with 59 flight destinations.

Pilots in Kenya earn their salaries based on education level, experience, location, and gender. The salary of a pilot in Kenya ranges from as low as Ksh. 132,000 per month to as high as Ksh. 420,000 per month.

This pilot salary in Kenya is inclusive of all allowances including housing, transport, and medical allowances, among others.

 A Pilots Salary In Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways is a national airline in Kenya with a large population of pilots.

The monthly salary of a pilot in Kenya who flies Kenya Airways is Ksh. 389,000. Depending on the experienced salary of these pilots increases with time.

Helicopter Pilot Salary In Kenya

Helicopters can be used for various purposes due to their high speed. These include:

As an ambulance to carry patients, loaded with water to extinguish large fires, among others.

Helicopter pilot earns roughly Ksh. 170,000 per month inclusive of all allowances.


 Airline Pilots Salary In Kenya

Airline pilots specifically fly passengers and cargo for leisure, business, and commercial purposes. These pilots take turns to avoid fatigue.

Airline pilot earns an average salary of Ksh. 162,000 per month.

This salary increases based on education level, and experience among others.              

Military Pilot Salary In Kenya

A military pilot flies specialized aircraft that transport troops and equipment and execute combat missions.

Military pilots salary in Kenya ranges between Ksh. 140,000 to Ksh. 420,000 per month including all the allowances.

Richest Pilot In Kenya

Captain Irene Koki Mutungi is a professional Airline pilot who is the richest pilot in Kenya. She was the first female pilot in Africa. She flies Kenya Airways plane which is Kenya’s national airline.


To sum up, the salary of a pilot in Kenya shillings depends on the specific duties a pilot is in charge of in the specific airplane. This pilot salary per month is paid at the agreed time and all allowances are included.

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