I Noticed My Daughter Spends Longer Time In The Bathroom, See What I Caught Her Doing.


TweetShare165SharePin165 SharesBathroom DISCLAIMER The image used is for illustration purpose only My name is mummy Janet, that’s what most people call me, Janet is the only daughter I have, and I’ve vowed to make sure she becomes someone great in life, if not for anything but for the fact that she’s the only daughter I have. Thinking about my husband? I’m a widow, my husband died two years after our marriage, I love my husband so much, that after his death, I couldn’t give another man a chance in my life…

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Kenyans React After Couple Announced They Want To Give Way Their Children.


TweetShare99SharePin99 SharesJust recently a couple in nyeri county announced tat they were willing to give u thei children given the tough financial times. Reports on 23rd June now show that they may not do so because once again, Kenyans watched their story and showed up.  Samuel Ndungu and his wife Mary Nyambura Mwihaki, last week shared their situation with the entire nation. Through a local TV station, the couple explained that they were willing to give their children to anyone who would raise them as their financial situation could not allow…

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My Dad Is A Cop, And Is Mad At Me For Speaking Out About Police Brutality Against Black People.

Police Brutality

TweetShareSharePin11 SharesPolice Brutality Basically, the video of the guy who was killed by the officer by him kneeling on his neck set me off, I’m so tired of seeing these assholes get away with this shit. I made a post on Instagram sharing the story. I was talking to my family today and my dad is PISSED he acted like I was personally attacking him, and he was agreeing with the cop so I stated that was the problem and if you cant contain someone without putting your knee in…

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I Lived On Sex & Pornography, Depressed and Suicidal Thoughts, But Jesus Saved Me (video).


TweetShareSharePin0 SharesI’m so overwhelmed by the goodness of God. Thank you, Jesus, He has delivered me. For years of my life I was broken. I grew up in a home filled with dysfunctions, alcoholism, separations. In my high school I was living on homosexual sin. I was living on pornography, I was depressed, suicidal, I had no idea my way. But nobody knew it because I had to masquerade my pain. But God………., I used to ask why didn’t I have a relationship with you God always Depressed. But I…

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What Are Some Of the Good Examples of “Life Isn’t Fair”

Life Isn't Fair

TweetShareSharePin33 SharesThis gentleman is Ashton Kutcher. You might have heard of him. He is an actor who is pretty popular (with the ladies as well). Oh, he’s also one of the best angel investors in the world and is worth an estimated $205,000,000. What if I told you he actually had a twin brother? Well, it turns out he DOES. His fraternal twin is Michael Kutcher. Here they are as kids. Michael didn’t get the same genetic straight flush his brother Ashton did. He has cerebral palsy and cardiomyopathy. He…

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Untold Story: Philomena Chelagat Mutai A Lady Who Fought ‘Men Wars’ At Varsity, Against Kenyatta Rule. (Activism Or Patriotism)

Chelagat Mutai

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesChelagat Mutai was born in 1949 in Terige village in Ol’Lessos, Nandi County. At Highlands Girls School (today’s Moi Girls High School, Eldoret), in her final year in high school, she was expelled after leading students to strike. She sat her “A” level examinations from outside the school. She surprised many by excelling well to enable her to join the University of Nairobi to study political science. At the University of Nairobi, Chelagat Mutai served in The University of Nairobi student Union, SONU as a student leader and an…

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REAL STORY: What Does Having Coronavirus (COVID- 19) Feel Like?


TweetShareSharePin0 SharesMy test coronavirus positive too and I’m in the hospital after my nurse just woke me up for a another f’ing breathing treatment (pardon my language). Simply because my O2 sat this morning was 64% and I was severely hypoxic. Feels like shards or crystals or solidified material entered my lungs, although it’s probably just the secreted fluid by the virus which caused me to have pneumonia. The breathing feels like I’m gasping for air every second, and the chest cough broke one of my ribs it was so…

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Tenants Relief: Landlord Banned From Evicting Tenants for Next 3 Months #Coronavirus


TweetShareSharePin0 SharesThe government also confirmed details on a three-month mortgage payment holiday in new coronavirus measures Renters won’t be able to be evicted for three months under new emergency legislation brought in because of coronavirus. The government has introduced the package of measures to make sure no renter in either social or private accommodation will be forced out of their home during the Covid-19 outbreak. Under new laws, landlords will not be able to start proceedings to evict tenants for at least a three-month period. The government also confirmed the three-month mortgage…

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Job Vacancies: KEBS Announces Mass Retrenchment In Kenya.

The Kenya National Bureau of Standards (KEBS)

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesThe Kenya National Bureau of Standards (KEBS) is hiring and at a time when so many companies have or are retrenching, it is definitely good news that ought to be shared amongst our friends and relatives. KEBS whose mandate is to provide standardization, metrology, and conformity assessment services through promotion of standardization marks is seeking to recruit persons of integrity who is able to observe confidentiality. Other requirements for the suitable candidates KEBS seeks to hire include: Critical thinkers Analytical Team players Good decision-makers Negotiators Innovators Good communication ability…

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Bishop Wanjiru: These Are 10 Church Recommendations to BBI Task Force.


TweetShareSharePin0 SharesIn their report, they listed a number of recommendations to the BBI Taskforce. Some of our recommendations which were elaborated by Bishop Wanjiru Include: 1. The Government should provide decent and quality lives for all Kenyans without favor. 2. Politicians to stop using BBI platforms to sow seeds of discord among Kenyans 3. On governance, the church proposes an inclusive political leadership. There should be No mixed cabinet. All Cabinet secretaries to be appointed from MPs. 4. Youth to be released from the stigma of HELB. They should not…

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