Information From HELB To Both New And Continuing University Students Having Problems With The System.


Higher Education Loans Board(HELB) normally provides students with loans to enable them to complete school fees and also for upkeep. This initiative started a long time ago and many people have benefited from it until the end of their stay at the University. Application for HELB Loan is normally put open for each and every student who is willing to apply.

During the month of March when all the tertiary learning institutions were closed down due to the coronavirus pandemic, most students were still unable to apply for their loans and some had their subsequent loan disbursement done wrongly making them unable to access the money easily.

The HELB office with its now improved student portal is able to assist each student who was facing any challenge in using the portal before. Those who are applying for the subsequent loan should now not worry because the portal is user friendly and their loans will be disbursed upon the re-opening of universities.

All the 2019 KCSE candidates should start their first time HELB loan application prior to the re-opening of universities so that they can give the HELB office enough time to verify their documents. This will also enable the successful applicants to receive their loan immediately learning resumes in order for them to get a humble learning environment.

If anyone still finds it difficult to access the new student portal, then they should visit the HELB office for further assistance in order to avoid inconveniences. The office is always ready to assist students anytime during the working days and it hopes that complains about the loan disbursement will be close to zero upon the re-opening of learning institutions.

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All the first time HELB loan applicants who have made inter-university transfers should make sure that they have entered the correct details and also attached a written copy of the transfer request to enable them to update their university details in the system for easier loan disbursement.


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