Why Impeachment of Prof. Kindiki Is A Diversionary and Mere Buying Of Time Tactic

Prof Kithure Kindiki

The impeachment of Prof Kithure Kindiki is mere buying of time. It means the Dynasty Coalitions have not yet got the numbers for a purge in the National Assembly.

Without Mudavadi, they yet don’t have numbers to face Ruto brigade in a Jubilee PG. It’s possible they will waste another week trying to woo Mudavadi into their camp.

Threatening nominated MPs doesn’t help cos Jubilee has 6 Nominated MPs and 2 (Sankok and Kamanda are already on Kieleweke side but yet their numbers are minimal).

Well, with the help of Raila numbers in Senate (17), it will be easy to raise the 34 senator majority to impeach Kindiki with help of KANU and Kalonzo… 17ODM, 3Wiper, 3KANU, and 11Kieleweke.

So this is a diversion as they still build the numbers for confrontation in National Assembly. The good news is impeaching Prof. Kindiki will antagonize Upper Eastern and push them more to the Ruto camp.

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