Why Kenyans Should not Ignore Sonko’s Confessions


Impeached Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko is among the most controversial politicians in Kenya right now.

The former governor might be an attention seeker or a madman but the issues he is raising are serious and he is mentioning big names.We should listen to him no matter how much we despise him.

A few days ago he mentioned the interior PS Karanja Kibicho who is in charge of our security. He mentioned how they could buy new cars from the showroom and burn them so they could put blame on ODM protesters back in 2017.

Kenyans can’t afford to ignore such information.I’m not saying that Sonko is a better leader but at least he has revealed things the people of Kenya need to know about their leaders and their dirty deals.

Kenyans should give a listening hear to Sonko and let him reveal how the government has been using its citizens and selling hatred to the people at a very cheap price.

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