Latest Updated Official Results From IEBC as It Stands In Msambweni By-Elections.

Msambweni By-Elections

Latest Updated Official Results as It Stands In Msambweni By-Elections.

UPDATE: IEBC officially declares independent candidate Feisal Bader winner of by-election, duly elected MP of Msambweni.

Msambweni By-Elections; Feisal Bader won

Celebrations rock Msambweni after Deputy President William Ruto’s man Feisal Bader won the mini poll with 15,251 votes against his ODM challenger Omar Boga who came second with 10,444 votes.

Today was a Day that many Kenyans especially those of the Msambweni constituency were waiting to vote for their newly awaiting Member of Parliament.

Despite the elections being merged with dome chaos, the IEBC is doing its work, Some Prominent and renowned bloggers and political analyst had given a hint of what was happening. However, we will have an official announcement by the IEBC.

Lastly, Kenyans should be peaceful as they wait for any other official announcement, please, remember to Sanitise, put on your mask and keep social distance rules.

UPDATE: Independent candidate Feisal Bader wins Msambweni by-election with 15,251 votes, ODM’s Omar Boga emerges second with 10,444 votes.

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