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Beware Of What You Post Online: Idris Sultan Bully to Magufuli Backfired and Led Him to Jail.

Idris Sultan

Beware Of What You Post Online; See What This Muslim Man Posted That Landed Him In Jail

Tanzanian comedian Idris Sultan has been detained and was taken into custody after a clip showing him laughing at an old photograph of President John Magufuli went viral.

Idris Sultan was born on January 28, 1993. He is a Muslim by religion, a Tanzanian Actor, comedian, and Radio host who won the Big Brother Africa-Hotshots in 2014. He hosts the biggest comedy news show called SIO HABARI.

Apart from that he also hosts his own stand-up comedies show. He is well known in Tanzania through the vines he posts on Instagram (Idris sultan).

We are in the era of social media, anything you post tends to go viral within one minute, beware of what you post online to avoid trouble for yourself. What he posted landed him in jail. 

You might be posting something about someone thinking the person might just overlook it, people are different Mr. A might overlook, Mr. B might arrest you.

Idris Sultan

He posted a video clip, laughing at an old photograph of President Magufuli, wearing a suit that appears to be a few sizes too large, went viral on social media in Tanzania.

According to his lawyer Bennedict Ishabakaki, Mr Sultan was detained on Tuesday and has been denied bail.

This should be a lesson to many people, learn to avoid trouble, not everything you see, that you get to post online just because you want to gain followers or you want to trend.

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