“I was impregnated by the Gorilla and am Happy”: says a Lady

gorilla and girl

A San Diego activist claimed that she has successfully impregnated herself with the semen of a gorilla with the hope of saving the endangered species.

Molly Heather, a 23 lady, a former biologist at the San Diego Zoo was reported by the Time News claimed that she took hundreds of specimens of semen of the animal while at work and tried to impregnate herself unsuccessfully for many years.

Heather later reported by the Time news that she was unsuccessful until she realized she could use in-vitro fertilization (IVF), the process of combining gorilla semen with gorilla eggs to create an embryo, and successfully impregnate herself.

Heather said that For many years, she had been tried rubbing gorilla sperm on her vagina with no success until she realized she could be a surrogate mother to the animal by using gorilla semen and eggs through in vitro fertilization as she told reporters.

The lady as reported by the Times carried out the act due to the state of The Central Africa Eastern Gorilla as the animals are critically in danger of extinction and she believed cross-species hybridization would be the only way to save the species.

Some experts have denied the claims as a hoax and a “physical impossibility” claiming that the embryo would be rejected by the human host’s immune system.

The lady said that she is a proud lesbian as she has never had sex with a man in her life. She said that her pregnant today with the embryo of George’s semen and Camilla’s eggs, two San Diego Zoo gorillas gave her the happiest moment in life as it is reported by the press .

Heather she did not deny allegations that she has had full-on sleeping with the male gorilla after it was revealed that she was fired in 2018 for inappropriate behavior but said that she did it to help preserve the species and not for sexual gratification.

Central Africa’s Eastern Gorilla is critically endangered as its population has followed a steep decline of more than 70% in the last two decades.

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