I Was Charged In Court For Theft, Later Truth Came Its Way

Charged In Court

I was really a new person in Nairobi and there before I had been told Nairobi tales which really scared me to even walk on my own. I was told it was really a city that everyone in the society lived.

Good people and bad people were really their breeding ground. I had come to visit my
cousin who lived in the Kibera slums for a three months’ vacation at his place. I had never been to Nairobi and actually, I did not know well the roads connecting to various places and streets of the city.

Since I did not want to feel inferior, I wanted not to ask for direction and so I walked on my
own in the streets. Everyone who looked at me just knew I was a new person in the city and they would have easily coned me.

That Sunday I had twelve thousand Kenyan shillings which I wanted to buy a mobile phone by
the city as there were good deals as my cousin told me. I hurriedly walked by the city as a guru who once had been there.

At some point, I stared at tall buildings which really were fascinating to my eyes. At some point, a middle-aged man who was selling smartphones approached me and I really wondered how he knew I wanted one. He had really a good one so I purchased it.

After I had just bought it the man busted into louder screams that I was a thieve and I had robbed him of his smartphone. People came so fast where I tried to explain I was not a bad person but I was given a thorough beating and later taken to the police.

The man took the mobile phone he had sold to me. I did not imagine what I was going through. I was later taken to court and I was accused that I had picked someone item illegally. I denied the charges and a bail of 50000 Kenyan shillings was impounded to me so that I could be released.

I had no money to pay the bail hence there was no hope for my release. I contacted my cousin and he said it was my own fate that I should carry my own cross for he had other important things to do compared to my mere issue. When I heard these words I almost fainted for he was now the closest person in my life at that particular moment.

I really regretted who had told me to walk by the street by myself since I knew nothing about it. Life was thereby going to be more difficult since I had never been into jail plus each time I was told tales in jail I was so much scared at any particular time.

I felt like I was really lonely in the world. No one of my family members was even coming to see or showed they were concerned by my situation in the jail that I had now lived for a week now.

My case had been decided a no more bargaining’s they would have heard at that particular time. One day when I was by the jail bars I was called by the prison warder and
told that I had a visitor.

When I reached there it was my cousin. I did not see him well as we’re only talking in a small
hole hence we would not see each other’s face appropriately. He told me he had a solution and he was really sorry for what had happened to me.

He said he was going to Kiwanga doctors the next day and I should expect my release any time soon. I actually did not believe what he was saying for I was really helpless. The next morning he went to Kiwanga doctors and he was attended to.

The next day as other prisoners were being wakened to their daily routine, I was told to
go by the OB. When I went there I was given a sheet that read I was released for I had nothing I did wrong.

Kiwanga doctors that my cousin had talked about when he visited the prison had really worked. It was a sign of hope and justice had really prevailed.

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