I Feel Like Am Curse: I Want To Marry But No Man Is Showing Interest On Me – Lady Cry Out.

I Want To Marry

I Want To Marry But Nobody Is Showing Interest On Me, Hausa Lady cry out 22-year-old young woman Hausa Ayesha bragged about the lack of a friend who could marry her.

Aisha suggested yesterday’s expression during the occasional celebration arranged by her chosen classmate when she switched to climate when she was ready for marriage.

She said that most people in their public college graduates were afraid to relate to them because they thought they were not equal or might not care if they approached them with marriage problems.

Ayesha said that she needed marriage at this time, but because she had no applicant, she had to endure until the time chosen by God to bind herself to the fact that there was still a belief that God gave birth would be a higher husband for her when the ideal opportunity came.

Ayesha is the third girl in her family and her two sisters gathered a year ago.

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