I Poisoned My Husband And His Mother, Because She Told Him To Get Another Wife, That I’m Barren -Woman Confessed

I Poisoned My Husband

A 31 year old woman, Adaeze Okafor has been arrested after autopsy revealed she poisoned her husband and the mother-inlaw to death

On the reason why she killed them she disclosed “ I and my husband have been married for 3 years and since then, I haven’t gotten pregnant for once which is making me feel uncomfortable, i and my husband have done several test and it was confirmed that nothing is wrong with us.

Just few weeks ago our maid told me she overheard mama telling my husband to get married to another wife before he gets old that she’s sure i can never be fruitful.

After our maid told me this, i felt broken, i felt betrayed despite the love i have for her and her son.

I realize that if my husband should listen to the plans I would be thrown out of our house which i and my husband had suffered together to build.

Just 4 days after she told her son to get married to someone else, i caught him with a girl which i asked who she was, before my eyes the lady replied she is the new wife, i got upset and left their presence.

3 days later I Poisoned My Husband and his mother and they both died from

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