I have Slept With More Than 12 Lecturers and More Than 55 Men in My Life Time.


My name is Damilola and I am 28 years old. I loathe saying this however I figure I should simply stay single in light of the fact that my past consistently returns to hurt me. At the point when I was in the University, I used to be a trouble maker to the degree that all the speakers know me. 

I have laid down with in excess of 12 teachers and in excess of 50 men throughout my lifetime. I couldn’t care less about whatever else in light of the fact that I was having a ton of fun of my life, I don’t peruse however I generally pass well overall, I am exceptionally pretty so no man will dismiss me when I offer myself. 

Things start to take another shape when I understood I have lost my belly because of the unnecessary premature birth I have submitted over time. I never thought about getting hitched yet to my most extreme astonishment, a considerable lot of my mates started to get hitched and I started to desirous them so I chose to get hitched as well. 


I atoned and found a man who I at long last settled down with however after such a large number of years, he found that I have no belly to convey his children so he got baffled and sent me away in the wake of diving into my previous existence, this happen to another man yet after that I got disappointed and chose not to get hitched again in my life. 

What would it be advisable for me to do? Is there any desire for me now? I need your recommendation, no abuse, please. Share your thoughts via the comment session.

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