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The Hustler Vs Dynasty Class Narrative Is Ill-Informed And May Plunge Country Into Deeper Chaos, Raila Warns

Hustler Vs Dynasty

In what is aimed at pitting the haves and the have nots ODM party leader Raila Odinga has said that the ill-gotten narrative about the hustler Vs dynasty might plunge the country into deeper chaos.

While stating that a majority of the current crop of leaders in the country, and their families, have at one time gone through financial struggles, the Former Prime Minister accused the sponsors of this narrative of mischief.

And for this reason, Raila insists that fashioning a campaign along this hustler Vs dynasty ideology is ill-informed and should not be allowed to see the light of day.

Raila was addressing mourners during the burial at the funeral service of Mama Hannah Atsianzale Mudavadi, the mother of ANC Leader Musalia Mudavadi.

Maintaining that it was wrong to refer to them as dynasties, Raila detailed the struggles of former Presidents Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Moi, Mwai Kibaki, including his father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga who was Vice President.“Uhuru’s father (Jomo Kenyatta) was a water meter reader before he went abroad to study.

When he returned he was arrested and taken to Lokitang. For Seven years, Kenyatta was crashing stones in Lodwar before he then went on to become the first President of this country.” Raila narrated. He says this is a true representation of a “hustler” that deputy President William Ruto and his allies have been popularizing.

Hustler Vs Dynasty
Hustler Vs Dynasty Class

According to Raila, Kenyatta’s successor Daniel Arap Moi also grew up in poverty.“Nyayo came from Sacho. On those hills, there was nothing but the poverty of the highest levels. Missionaries picked him and that is how he got his education.” He said.“My father Jaramogi would not have gone to school if not for a white man called Francis who resided in Maseno.

His father was not in a position to pay school fees at the time.”He added according to the Ex-PM, the country’s Third President Mwai Kibaki was time and again send home from school over failure to pay school fees. He says Kibaki later became a tout before he joined Makerere University in Uganda.

He said all the four leaders underwent struggles just like other Kenyans at the time before they ascended to power.“I was also in jail for 8 years. But I, later on, became Prime Minister. What I am trying to say is it is possible to come from nothing to something.” He said amid cheers.

Hustler Vs Dynasty

He said there is no need for anyone to insist on telling Kenyans there exists two classes of people; the hustlers and the dynasties. Raila cited the situation in Germany during the times of Adolf Hitler to drive his point home. He narrated how Hilter mobilized people against the Jews as the country underwent tough economic times.

“He (Hilter) told the Germans; grant me 10 years and I will give you a new Germany. He had many young people following him and he later won the country’s leadership. But after 10 years the country was in ruins and in tatters.” Raila said According to Raila, what Kenyans need is unity in order to move forward.

He said Kenyans should be wary of leaders taking this route even as he maintained that the hustler narrative will not transform the country’s fortunes.

He concluded by saying, “I and my brother Uhuru Kenyatta are for a one united Kenya. Not a Kenya that consists of compartments of tribes and ethnic groups. “

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