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President -Q & A, When Did You Realize Ruto Is corrupt?


Q: When did you realize that Ruto was corrupt?

A: Nothing like realizing he was corrupt. We had planned to betray him from 2012 and were simply waiting for him to help us get a second term then we screw him. It’s called the politics of betrayal 101.

Oops! Sorry…what we wanted to say is that..err…we mean…you know…new evidence of his corrupt dealings came to light and we can confirm Ruto is bad for this country. We ask everyone who loves Kenya to join us in opposing him.

Q: You are on record saying Raila is a wicked economic saboteur, the father of violence and one protecting very corrupt governors. How did he change from that to a brother and patriot?

A: He agreed to help us fight Ruto. We still believe he’s all that but since he’s willing to be used against our target (Ruto), he remains a patriot and brother.

Sorry, …what was the question again? Well,… What we are saying is that Raila loves this country and wants to see it united. In fact, he has no political ambitions, his main goal is to work with us to unite Kenya.

Q: How would you describe your war on corruption? How successful is it?

A: Very successful, we’ve managed to use the war against corruption to silence, blackmail and intimidate our opponents. Everyone knows we can hide behind the war on corruption to make life so miserable for those who dare challenge our political agenda.


So sorry…that’s not what we meant. We meant to say the war on graft is gaining traction and is an overall success. Apart from the judiciary, that let’s down sometimes, we will win this war…haki ya mungu


Q: Why do you appear angry at watu ya sentro?

A: The plan was for Kikuyus and Luos to gang up against Ruto as we use Gideon and others to destroy his support among the Kalenjins. While Luos acted as expected, watu ya Centro ave refused to play ball…washenzi. To make matters worse, Gideon and his team inaonekana hawana nguvu, hawana uwezo


Excuse us…what we are saying is that no one is angry at anyone. We are focused on uniting this country. What we are insisting on is that the president must be respected in Centro, he is our kingpin and leader.

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