How Uhuru Blackmailed Gov Mike Sonko, Sonko Is Accusing Uhuru Kenyatta Of Betrayal.

Uhuru Blackmailed

It is no secret that (former) Nairobi governor Mike Sonko is walking a tight rope politically.

First, Uhuru Blackmailed Mike sonko was the unimaginable happened and he was arrested in an embarrassing manner and arraigned over multiple corruption charges, then he was barred from office and as if not enough, he found himself boxed into a tight corner that left him no option but to surrender key county functions to the national government.

His surrender move wasn’t done on his own volition but as a last-minute attempt to save himself from an impeachment sponsored by the ODM side and supported by his Jubilee side.

Also, Uhuru Blackmailed Mike Sonko by hanging around his head like the sword of Damocles was the possibility of arrest and unceremonious impeachment akin to ousted Kiambu county boss Ferdinand Waititu.

Uhuru Blackmailed
During the historic handing over ceremony of Nairobi’s key functions by Mike Sonko

While Sonko has been fighting off impeachment and several cases that threaten to end his political career, there remains a whispered rumor that he blamed President Uhuru for being behind his woes.

A close Sonko aide opened the lid to what could perhaps explain Sonko’s recent bitter posts that are indirect jabs thrown to the presidency.

And when MPs Johanna Ng’eno and Oscar Sudi made harsh comments to the Kenyatta family and there were increased calls for them to apologize, Sonko downplayed the calls for the leaders apologizing and tweeted about it.

How Uhuru Blackmailed Gov Mike Sonko, Sonko Is Accusing Uhuru Kenyatta Of Betrayal. 1

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