How To Qualify for Faraja Credit

Faraja is a collaboration between Safaricom and EDOMx, a local fintech company that specializes in digital solutions for merchants and consumers. Faraja Credit through the Mpesa app can enable you to buy anything and pay later by simply dialing *799#.

Safaricom Kenya some months back launched a new service Faraja credit. Faraja means joy in Swahili, and that’s exactly what this service will bring you.

Faraja is a zero-interest credit service that lets you buy goods for up to Sh100,000 on M-Pesa and pay later. Yes, you heard me right. Zero interest. No hidden charges. No strings attached.

To Qualify for Faraja Credit

If you do not qualify for any credit service from Faraja. Then you need to repay your loans on time. You also need to ensure that you are not listed by CRB

How Faraja Works

How does it work? It’s simple. All you need is an M-Pesa account and a Faraja-enabled merchant. You can find them at Naivas Supermarket, Goodlife Pharmacy, City Walk, and many more.

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Just scan the QR code at the checkout, enter the amount you want to borrow, and confirm with your M-Pesa PIN. You’ve just bought yourself something nice without breaking the bank. By dialing *799#, you can now access Faraja loan services at zero interest.

How to Access Faraja

To access the service provided by Faraja, customers have two convenient options. They can either dial *799# to opt in or make a payment directly. Alternatively, they can access it through the dedicated Faraja mini-app on the M-PESA Super App.

With Faraja, customers also have the flexibility to purchase multiple items at once, as long as they stay within their assigned credit limits. This ensures a seamless and efficient shopping experience for all users.

You have 30 days to repay the loan, and you can do it in installments or in one lump sum. You can also check your balance and repayment history on the Faraja app or by dialing *234#. And don’t worry about your credit score. Faraja doesn’t affect it at all. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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