How To Plant Capsicum (Pilipili Hoho) In Kenya And Make Money


Capsicum is a bell-like type of plant which does very well in warm and hot places. It contains high levels of vitamins which makes it quite healthy for blood regulation.

There are quite a number of varieties of “Pilipili Hoho” which can either be grown indoors in the greenhouses or outdoors. For fruit setting and also for fruit development, it is recommended that you regulate the temperatures to about 16-21°C and 15-17°C during the day and 24-30°C at night respectively.

The land where capsicum is being grown should be thoroughly plowed and a seedbed is well prepared. Before transferring the capsicum to the main field, a good nursery should be set and the seeds are raised there. Depending on the variety of “Pilipili Hoho”, it takes roughly 2-3 weeks to germinate. Ensure you protect the seedlings from direct sunlight by covering them using shades.

To protect the capsicum from weeds ensure the land is weed-free since the weeds act as a hindrance for growth. They consume the available nutrients in the soil. Ensure you minimize on weeding once the capsicum has begun flowering. You can use an alternative method like uprooting to avoid a lot of disturbances to the “Pilipili Hoho”.

Depending on varieties grown, harvesting can be done after 3 months. Three stages of harvesting exist depending on the market requirements.

We have harvesting done while the capsicum is green, partially green and yellow, or even red. Proper packaging ensures the “Pilipili Hoho” reaches the market while in good condition hence it is very important to work on a proper packaging system.

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