How To Join TSC Teacher And Get Number Online In Few Steps

Join TSC Teacher

This is a brief guide on how to become a TSC teacher in Kenya, get TSC Numbers, and start teaching in public or privates schools. As of June 2019, there were 311,902 TSC registered teachers in Kenya with thousands of pending applications.

Becoming a TSC Teacher

The Teachers Service Commission is a government body that certifies and regulates teachers in Kenya. You cannot graduate with a teaching course from college or university and automatically become a TSC teacher in Kenya.  As indicated below, there are specific requirements that have to be met for one to successfully join the Teachers Service Commission and get a TSC Number.

Details Required To register as a TSC Teacher

Academic Certificates (Primary, Secondary, College and University) including university or college exam transcript

Teaching being a noble profession, you will definitely be required to provide an up to date Certificate of Good Conduct. This proves that you can actually be entrusted to transfer knowledge in a professional and ethic way.

You will be required to present an accurately filled GP 69 Medical Form. This form clearly shows that you are of sound health and mind to perform the duties assigned to you.

Other Registration requirements include

A copy of your ID card that is for Kenyan Citizens. For non citizens, you will be required to produce a valid document that states that you are allowed to work in Kenya from the Immigration Department.

You will also be required to provide one clear passport photo.

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You will be required to pay a fee of KES. 1055 for registration purposes, which is actually non-refundable. This should be paid to the TSC account under the National Bank of Kenya; Account number 01001000905001. This can also be done via Paybill through the Business Number 625625.

After meeting the above mentioned requirements, you will be given your Certificate of Registration that has your TSC number . This normally comes within a minimum of 30 days.

TSC Teacher Education Minimum Requirements

  1. Certificate: C Plain in KCSE
  2. Diploma:C+ (plus) at KCSE
  3. Degree: C+ (plus) at KCSE

To apply for primary school teaching you must have a minimum of P1 certificate

To apply to be a secondary school teacher you must have a minimum of diploma in education certificate

How to register  and apply for a TSC Certificate

To register follow the following procure;

  • Visit:
  • Enter your ID or passport and surname and click NEXT
  • Fill in the required details in the form that loads (KRA Pin, Email, Phone number e.t.c are required)
  • Continue up to the last step. Ensure that you have your documents readily scanned.
Join TSC Teacher

With these requirements in line, you have a sure chance of easily getting into the Teachers Service Commission and landing your dream government job as a teacher in Kenya.

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