How to Face Hyenas in Case of an Attack

Dennis Teya, a Grade 4 pupil, was in the company of his friends when the marauding hyenas attacked them on their way home on Wednesday evening.

This horrifying event unfolded despite ongoing efforts by a team of 20 Kenya Wildlife Service officers, who were on a mission to track down killer animals in villages within the Witeithie and Kalimoni wards.

The crackdown was initiated last month following persistent hyena attacks that claimed lives, including the recent killing of a woman, Joyce Wambui, in Nyacaba village on her way to work early in the morning.

Before the tragic death of Joyce Wambui, the predators had already claimed the life of a 9-year-old boy in a previous attack.

The village elder, Joseph Thiga, revealed that the hyenas dragged young Dennis Teya to a nearby swamp, where they feasted on him before being chased away by locals.

“The children were in a group heading home from a nearby camp when the hyenas attacked them. They scampered and ran to their homes, but we later found out that one of them was missing. We initiated a search for the missing boy and discovered a trail of blood leading to the swamp where we found one huge hyena feasting on the boy,” explained Thiga.

Expressing deep concern, Thiga noted that the village is living in fear as these marauding canines have been roaming the area in the evenings and early mornings. He suggested that these might not be normal hyenas but possibly crossbreeds of hyenas and leopards, displaying unusual fearlessness.

Resident Agnes Muthoni voiced the collective worry of the community, particularly as schools are set to reopen soon, and children leave for school early in the morning.

Hyenas, generally known as scavengers, play a crucial role in the ecosystem by cleaning up discarded bones and debris.

However, their recent aggressive behavior has prompted concerns for community safety.

Steps to follow in Case Hyenas Attack You

In light of these alarming events, residents are urged to be cautious and employ safety tips in the event of a hyena encounter:

  1. Stop: Running may trigger their predatory instincts.
  2. Do not lie down: Pretending to be dead can increase their curiosity.
  3. Remain calm: Avoid showing fear and maintain a calm demeanor by talking to the hyena.
  4. Minimize movements at night: Hyenas are nocturnal, so be cautious when moving during nighttime.
  5. Face the hyena: Do not move away until it does, and continue facing its direction.
  6. Stand your ground: If the hyena growls or giggles, stand your ground, but do not move closer.
  7. Make noise: Be loud, look aggressive, and appear frightening to deter the hyena.

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