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How to Cook Mandazi: Soft Kenyan Lemon Mandazi.


Lemon mandazi doesn’t require eggs nor milk nor butter, so it is most definitely vegetarian, vegan, lactose friendly.

The recipe yields 16 medium mandazis and serves 3-4 people.


1. 1 cup self-raising flour

2. ½ cup of warm water

3. 2 tablespoons of sugar

4. ¼ tablespoon salt

5. 1 tablespoon margarine

6. 1 tablespoon of essence preferably vanilla

7. Zest of 1 medium lemon

8. Extra flour for dusting

9. Icing sugar (optional)

10. Cooking Oil

Follow these simple steps to Cook Mandazi

1. In a bowl, whisk the flour to remove any lumps. (This step is essential to make the flour fluffy and absorb the ingredients well)

2. Combine the margarine with the flour and mix.

3. “Dig” a small hole in the center and add sugar, salt, vanilla essence, and the grated lemon zest.

4. Gently add some warm water in the center and mix with a fork as you dissolve the ingredients.

5. Start kneading the dough with your hands.

6. Transfer it on a clean surface and sprinkle some extra flour and start to work on it until it is soft and elastic.

7. Once your dough is smooth, cover it with Clingfilm and let it rest for like 10 minutes.

8. Divide your dough into balls, depending on the size of the mandazis you want.

9. Cover the other divided sections, and start rolling out one of the balls and cut it into whatever shape you fancy.

10. Deep fry in hot oil until golden brown on all sides.

11. Transfer into a big dish or bowel (Ready to serve)


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