How to Clear The GOTV E48-32 error Searching for Signal

How to Clear The GOTV E48-32 error Searching for Signal

It could get rather frustrating when the GOTV E48-32 error pops up while watching your favorite TV show. On several occasions, I’d threatened to stop using GOTV because it just kept coming up at annoying intervals, until I figured out how to fix it.

See, when you get the GOTV E48-32 error, it means there’s a signal detection issue. You would get a lot of this when it’s raining or very windy. It could also point to an issue with your cable connection.

When you get the GOTV E48-32 error, just wait it out and your signal should be back up on its own. If the error persists for over 3 minutes then the first thing you want to do is check your signal strength.

How to check GOTV signal strength

  • On your GOTV remote control, select Menu (lower left corner)
  • You navigate using the arrow buttons (which are arranged into a circle a little above the center) and select using OK
  • In the GOTV menu bar (by the left), select Advanced Options
  • Under Advanced options, select Signal Information
  • What you need to look out for is Strength. If its below 70% then you need to adjust the cable leading to the antenna
  • To return, press the Exit button

Adjusting the antenna cable

In my case, the GOTV decoder isn’t connected directly to the Antenna, it’s connected into a wall socket which is in turn connected to the outdoor antenna. This setup is pretty neat so my interior isn’t defaced by visible wiring. Here’s a picture of my setup below

Now, when I got the GOTV E48-32 error, I checked my Signal Strength and it was at a disappointing 30%

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On adjusting my cable, it shot up to 70%, error gone. With more adjustment, I could get 100% quality and over 90% signal strength.

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