10 Steps On How to Apply for KMTC Courses Online Using your Mobile Phone.

KMTC Diploma Courses

How to apply for KMTC courses online using your mobile phone or a computer To apply for a KMTC course online, one has to create a KMTC student’s portal account.

Basic pre-application Requirements

  • scanned copy of applicant’s ID card or Birth Cert or Passport
  • scanned copy of the applicant’s secondary school leaving certificate.
  • Scanned copy of applicant’s KCSE result slip or certificate
  • Not less than Kshs. 2100 MPESA balance in applicants’ MPESA account.

KMTC online application fee- Kshs. 2022, which is not refundable.

KMTC MPESA pay bill number- 964150

Account number-applicant’s ID number

If you already have an account, is the guidelines on how to apply for KMTC Courses online using the procedure below.

Guideline 1

Open the chrome browser in your mobile phone/ computer and on the search area, type https://kmtc.ac.ke/

Guideline 2

Click the menu (3 dashes on the top far left), ‘click how to apply for KMTC Courses’, under admissions. On the page that appears, click ‘go to the application portal.’

Guideline 3

Enter your email and password and click ‘log in’. an application dashboard appears.

Guideline 4

Your account dashboard comes with steps you need to follow. By this time, steps 1 and 2 in the dashboard are through since you did them during account creation. If you never did step 2, you can complete it by entering your biodata details. Completed fields are painted green.

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How to Apply for KMTC Courses Online Using your Mobile Phone
How to Apply for KMTC Courses Online Using your Mobile Phone

Guideline 5

Click on the third step (enter subject scores) and a page appears that prompts you to enter the grades for each subject, that you scored in KCSE. For each subject, simply click ‘select’ and choose the appropriate grade from the drop-down menu.

Once through with all the subjects, click ‘next.’ Another window appears for even more subjects. For the subjects you never did, simply click, ‘I didn’t do.’ Do not leave any field unfilled.

Guideline 6

Click on the fourth step (upload documents), then click next. You should be having scanned copies of these documents in your phone or computer, depending on the gadget you are using.

You will choose the required files and upload them, starting with your KCSE cert /result slip, your secondary school leaving cert, front + backside of your ID, then click submit.

Guideline 7

Click on the fifth step (submit documents). For each of the documents you uploaded, you will be prompted to either view or submit. If you are sure you uploaded the right documents, click the ‘submit’ option before each of the documents. A dialogue box appears for each submission, asking if you are sure. Choose the red option (yes do).

Guideline 8

Immediately you are through with the submissions, a page appears that wants you to choose the level you are applying for, the academic calendar and the intake. Fill the fields appropriately from the drop-down menu and click next

Another page appears that prompts you to enter the course you are applying for. Choose your course from the drop-down menu and click next. The page that appears gives you required subject categories for the scores, and how you rank. Click submit. you have just made your first option.

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Guideline 9

Automatically, you are led to a window with your KMTC course applications. On the far right (if you are using a phone you can swipe the screen), there is a column of action. Under action, selectSubmit, written in blue. A dialogue box appears that asks if you want to submit. Select yes submit.’ Do the same for the remaining course.

Guideline 10

Once you have confirmed you are submitting, a page appears, prompting you to make a payment. Payment details are already on that page and all you have to do is to click ‘submit the application,’ then enter your MPESA PIN in the next dialogue box.

Alternatively, you can still go back to the main steps and follow them as arranged.

All the best in your KMTC online course application.

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