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How Ruto Struggled Kenyan Economy To The Knees.


How Ruto Struggled Kenyan Economy: During the first term of the uhuRuto term, President Uhuru Kenyatta gave Dp Ruto much space to Run his Government delegated almost all the duties of running Government business to Ruto.

Ruto took advantage and started initiating projects and some were unnecessary to our country so that he can be given his kickbacks. Bags full of millions and billions were being delivered to Ruto’s official Karen home Residents for whoever wanted a contract in government.

Ruto blackmailed all ministers and PS to be giving him daily operations of the ministries as far as supplies and payment were concerned. The ongoing projects from the Kibaki regime Ruto instructed to be given a list of which he started taking kickbacks before the treasury could pay them.

Every weekend vehicles full of money were being escorted by government vehicles to Sugoi home where Ruto was hiding the Money packed in cartons branded chemicals for plants so that they don’t cause confusion to those employed in his Sugoi home to guard the warehouse.

Ruto has hired private security to guard all his houses alongside Government security who are stationed at the gate. In a span of 5 years, Ruto had accumulated liquid cash for more than 10 trillion.

An intelligence report reached Ruto’s office immediately after the commencement of their second term that there were plans to change the Kenyan currency into the current one we use. Ruto worried man-made numerous and secret trips to Tanzania, Uganda, and southern Sudan trying to see if they would store the stolen government money for him to change them into dollars.

Dp Ruto managed to convince two corrupt presidents that Ugandan president Museveni and southern Sudan. The southern Sudan president agreed with condition that he should only give him space to construct a warehouse for hiding his money but it should be a secret until recently when Ruto was spotted on a plane heading to South Sudan without an official invite for an official function.

The Uganda president agreed and has been having Meetings openly with Ruto. Ruto gave Museveni Kshs 1billion and in return to store and help him change Kenyan currency worthy 3trillion into dollars. Ruto started transportation of the money and managed half of the money.

The rest was cornered due to government tight security resulting in Ruto moving from one church to the other giving out envelopes so that he can get them back into the economy and as a campaign strategy.

Today if you get a sitting with Ruto he will tell you if this government could not have changed the currency, I could campaign buying votes by giving the 47million Kenyans each 1,000 without feeling the pain. The change of Kenyan currency left Ruto with over 3 trillion money which is a waste and piece of paper.

The economy was left with no money in circulation due to Ruto’s dirty mind trying to take over power through the backdoor. The worst mistake Kenyans can make is to elect Ruto as the next president in this country.

If we elect Ruto we must be ready and be prepared for dictatorship and killing of our economy to be even worse than where it is today.

Ruto does not Care what Kenyans eat or sleep as long as he takes power. He can kill for power and he is planning to use violence come 2022 to take over power and take Kenya back to the dark days. The hard-earned freedom in this country will be killed by Ruto.

The current state of politics being played by Ruto is leading this country into chaos and violence hence the government should move with speed to stop Ruto from further looting and taking this country into darkness.

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