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The story of Rebecca: How I Survived the Agony of a Rough Gang In Nakuru.


The story of Rebecca, a Sudanese aged 23 years from Nakuru who was held hostage by a gang for about seven hours remains a shock to many since the gang has been undertaking it’s criminal activities in Nakuru for five years now.

On Monday, June 6, Rebecca who lives is Park View estate left her house for the bank at around 2pm to deposit some cash amounting to shs.25,000 to her brother. She decided to use a Boda Boda to town only to realise that her choice landed her into a great disaster.

According to Rebecca, the Boda operator began claiming that he needs to fuel the motorbike at a neighbouring estate but instead he began speeding headed to Bondeni slums. Due to the high speed, Rebecca began bleeding for she had not fully recovered from the birth complications for she just delivered a week ago.

The story of Rebecca: How I Survived the Agony of a Rough Gang In Nakuru.
Rebecca Family

She tried pleading with the person to slow down for she was having some discomfort but he threatened to kill her instead. She decided to remain silent after a flashback of her own kid who’s just one week old and another 4 year baby boy came to her mind.

After the motorbike rode through a rough road in Bondeni slums, it stopped outside a shanty and three men stood by armed with machetes,clubs and other weapons. One man pulled Rebecca and she fell on the ground injuring her head thus bleeding again. They began threatening to kill her and in the process one man snatched her handbag and pulled out the shs.25,000. They began saying she is rich.

They divided the cash amongst themselves as they sipped alcohol and smoke bhang. In the process one man pulled out a mobile phone and they began demanding more money. He gave me the phone and gave me instructions on what to tell my husband,stating that I tell him to send shs. 50,000 for my freedom, lest I die.

Rebecca has a series of questioning from the guys,including details of her family, what she does for a living, why she came to Kenya and how she came.

The story of Rebecca: How I Survived the Agony of a Rough Gang In Nakuru.
Rebecca Neighbors

Rebecca, at around 4pm, began pleading with them to allow her to go home to breastfeed her baby. The guys saw her husband as very “uncooperative” for he had not sent the cash yet. Around 7:30pm, they began asking her to choose the method in which she wishes to die. All she said was “ I don’t know, only GOD knows.”

Amongst the gang, one was quite considerate and he began telling the rest that they allow Rebecca to go home to breastfeed, for the Kshs. 25,000 was enough for them. They ordered her to leave but gave her a warning that if she reports them to police she will surely die.

Rebecca had to walk all the way back home but since she had no more strength left, she stopped at various points to take some breath.

Rebecca later on came to realise that her husband was working closely with the police to try and trace her through the mobile phone she used to request the shs. 50,000.

By the time the police, led by Nakuru East DCI Benson Mutie landed on the scene, the gang was nowhere to be found for it had already disappeared.

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