See How Much Jalang’o Makes On YouTube and Instagram Per Month

Jalang'o Makes On YouTube

See How Much Jalang’o Makes On YouTube and Instagram Per Month

Does making money have a formula? I gaze yes. If you look around the successful men and women around our communities, you’ll realize that they have a number of similar traits.

In most cases, it doesn’t necessarily depend on where you were born. Because there are many people who were born in a family that could hardly put two square meals on the table each day.

Determination, desire to achieve, self believe and prayer are among the most concrete areas of consideration. Jalang’o, a Kenyan entertainer (comedian) is one of the man who lies under this class.

Jalang'o Makes On YouTube

Speaking to one of the Youtubers, Tonnie Murithi, Jalang’o revealed that he makes millions through his youtube channel, Facebook as well as Instagram.

He has over 200 000 subscribers in youtube. He explained that on a good month, he accumulates about 3 million from Instagram.

“Youtube sent us our first cheque of $ 1.8 million from our ad revenues,”Jalang’o said.

In total, he accumulates over 4.8 million per month

In youtube, he has influenced many people mainly through advertisements and endorsements and his Bonga na Jalas channel.

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