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How Moi, Raila, and Uhuru UNKNOWINGLY Made William Ruto a Political BEAST

William Ruto a Political Beast

Your political analysis will be termed as biased, incomplete, and inauthentic should it fail to capture William Ruto. In Kenya’s political stratum, Ruto is hailed as a son of a peasant with a Midas political touch- Political Beast.

William is among the few politicians with impressive political CVs which goes thus; Member of Parliament, Assistant Minister, Minister, Deputy President, Acting President, and now odds are pointing to a possibility of him occupying the house on the hill after Uhuru Kenyatta’s exit.

As the popular maxim goes; An iron sharpens iron. William’s gigantic political statue is courtesy of the condensed efforts of Daniel Arap Moi, Raila Odinga, and Uhuru Kenyatta. The trio shaped Ruto in different but yet unique forms and the result is; a political beast.

Moi takes credit for hauling Samoei out of the blues and thrusting him into the light. The Professor of politics taught the son of Sugoi how power is gained and retained.

At the age of 26, Ruto was Youths for Kanu treasurer controlling billions of shillings. Kanu was notorious for hooliganism and doling out cash like Confetti. If you want power, then be ready to do anything. Ruto sure knows this.

It’s pure cowardice to play a second fiddle to your boss when you have all it takes to occupy that which is under his custody. All you need is to revolt and break your coon, this Raila Odinga taught William.

For years ended, Ruto was Moi’s loyalist but between 2005-2007, William disentangled himself from Moi’s bond, and instead, he overthrew Daniel as Rift Valley kingpin.

As long as you are living, dreaming big is not an option but a necessity. William proved this and installed himself as Rift Valley new sheriff the position he has since retained. His foster father died a sad man knowing William had stolen Gideon’s birthright. This explains the genesis of Moi-Ruto’s bad blood.

In case you were wondering if Ruto really stepped into Uhuru’s shoes, then it’s assumed you now know. While attending a burial ceremony of the slain Sergeant Kenei, Ruto categorically stated that that was ‘the system’s doing to threaten him, he affirmed that he was not mad but certain of what he said.

William Ruto a Political Beast

Staking on the above statement and Ruto’s confession, then it’s true that the Deep state sure exists. And if it exists, then William knows who they are for he is the part of the Jubilee Party, and it’s alleged that before falling out of grace with them, Uhuru must have introduced him to them on their grace periods.

Uhuru has taught William to use government machinations against their adversaries and the need of being tough. If you are waiting for Ruto to resign as the DP, then am sorry you will have to wait forever.

William knows that when in power, you are better placed to use government resources than when you are an outsider, and so? He will hold on despite humiliations and political barbs.

”To stage a well-oiled presidential campaign you need deep pockets and aggressiveness”, from Moi’s school he learned. “Guide your votes with your life and if need be, ransom your life for it”, Raila showed him in 2007. “Use all government machinations and be tough”, Uhuru who happens to be his last mentor added. 

Now you tell me, what could a man be with all the aforesaid lessons in his bosom? a weakling? a political clown? Absolutely no! That’s a political beast capable of devouring whoever posses a threat and this is what Ruto is morphing out to be.

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