A Lady Narrates How Ex-Lover Doused Her In Fuel And Roasted Her Baby Alive.

Ex-Lover Doused

A South African lady simply identified as “Miss T” has narrated how her ex-lover doused her and her daughter in fuel, setting the pair on fire.

Her daughter didn’t survive and was killed in the process, with the woman also revealing that the man is also dead now.


Taking to Twitter, the lady who is known as ‘Burn Survivor’ on the platform, revealed that she had an argument with her man, the next thing was for them to be set on fire.

ex-lover doused

According to her, “We had and argument, the next thing he decided to play God with our lives.

“He dosed us with petrol fought with him so he can’t ignite the match but he overpowered me.

“Boom he left us there in the locked bedroom to die. Unfortunately, my daughter didn’t make it”.

There were many comments and reactions from people on her tweet, with many people pitying her and asking the whereabouts of the man, and she went on to reveal that he is dead now.

@arthur_kalolo: Abusive Men show true colors from the beginning but our sisters ignore the signals. Please ladies you cannot change a person, only God can. If you see the signal sign out and shut the door permanently.
Am sorry my love you gat to go through all that.

SA lady narrates how ex-lover doused her in fuel and roasted her baby alive

@windycitychef: Please reach down and surround MissT with supernatural peace and strength and give her the faith to believe that all things are possible. Protect her from discouragement and let her miraculous healing begin.

@mahlangomuhle: Your bravery and courage to pour your heart out will heal you – not to forget but to close some chapters.
Your life was spared for your testimony So you can give hope to others Many will receive healing from your story. May you yourself receive the same healing in multifold.

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