How Dp William Samoei Ruto Can Win 2022 Easy; No 4 is the Best.

How Dp William Samoei Ruto Can Win 2022 Easy; No 4 is the Best. 1

1. Beef up personal and family security locally and internationally.Hire Israeli,Russia or American trained commandos to supplement the official security guard in all the offices and residences.Dynasties and tycoons who feel threatened by your fast rising political star aren’t happy and confortable.

2. Make more than Ksh.200 billion for an aggressive,robust ,persuasive,moving and influential presidential campaign.Billionaires and millionaires will fuel it later when they see what Ruto’s team will have raised so far. Interests matter. Murathe represents silent voices of the tycoons and tenderpreneurs who want to be brought to the table.

How Dp William Samoei Ruto Can Win 2022 Easy; No 4 is the Best. 2

3.Bring on board the dynasties,business community and their crownies to your team. The more they feel their interests are secured,the smoother the road to State House.

4.Don’t quit Jubilee Party. Remain adamantly but cautiously loyal to President Uhuru Kenyatta as you befriend Raila Odinga’s supporters to your camp.

How Dp William Samoei Ruto Can Win 2022 Easy; No 4 is the Best. 3

5.Actively contribute to the President Uhuru’s Big 4 Agenda and the national integration agenda. It is Kenyatta’s legacy and score card  that will be used to gauge Jubilee Administration come 2022.

6.Give parastatal jobs to the former MPs and ex-Governors who are busy calling press conferences for” Stop Ruto Movement.” There’s no real ideology in this nascent multiparty. President Moi said the only ideology that exists is stomach ideology.High profile jobs will keep them busy,minds occupied and remain loyal to the appointing authority.

7.Raise your antennae on all political developments.Counter any anti-Ruto movement pronouncements.They just want to be listened to and maintain the status quo.It is an uncertain fear of political change pushed by unprecedented presidency.

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8.Scale up a media management and legal team. David Mugonyi’s outbursts on  real issues is not a pleasant move. Hire good media managers who manages persuasive messaging to the people and the dynasties. Make Ahmednassir Abdullahi the Head of the Legal team that will tackle emerging legal tussles head-on and unapologetically.

9.Continue building bridges and reaching all parts of this country.Don’t expect the dynasties eyeing the same seat to endorse you.To be endorsed and campaigned for by Uhuru Kenyatta will brand you, ” Uhuru Project” will all the burdens of his governance.Don’t be overburdened by such distractions.Endorsement will come with so many strings attached to your presidential victory.

10. Be yourself.

Revive the hardworking,shrewd,astute and master strategist Ruto we knew as the Agriculture Minister under the Grand Coalition.Improve the economy of the people.Let money flow to the wananchi.Don’t display harambee money,it will be used by opponents as a sign of looting from the public coffers.Keep the wananchi guessing how billionaire and generous you are.

Never forsake God in this tumble rumble politics of this world.Allow Rachel to build a  strong,supporting women league ready and willing to campaign for you across the counties.

How Dp William Samoei Ruto Can Win 2022 Easy; No 4 is the Best. 4

11.Don’t forget the youth in this country.They form half the voting population and 70 % of the unemployed Kenya’s population.Build-up Jubilee Youth Teams across the country.They’ve  a unique way,language and strategy of reaching out to their fellow youth.

Before election,befriend,mentor,guide and employ the youth who will mobilise other youth across the colleges,universities,counties and country as part of Ruto Team come 2022.Tomorrow’s journey is planned today.

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How Dp William Samoei Ruto Can Win 2022 Easy; No 4 is the Best. 5

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