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William Ruto and ‘Tangatanga’ Team Betrayed Uhuru. This Is Why.


Before you start your day, I want to remind the “Tanga Tanga” team that Uhuru has not betrayed Ruto. It is a Business. By the way, have you heard Ruto complaining? Ruto has not complained.

Let me tell you what is Betrayal…

Real Betrayal was in 1966 when Kenyatta Senior kicked out Jaramogi. Five years earlier in 1961, Jaramogi refused to take up power, insisting that Jomo had to be released. Jaramogi considered Jomo to be a personal friend, and they had joint Bank accounts and put on similar clothing, just like the Dynamic Duo in 2013.

But unlike the Ruto deal, Jaramogi got basically nothing. He did not control anything or get serious benefits from power. When he was kicked out, he was still a poor man. Raila grew in a modest lifestyle and only moved to Karen in 2004.

Real Betrayal is when Raila stood by Kibaki and said “Tosa” he plucked half of Kanu from Moi and gave Kibaki the Presidency on a silver platter. What did Raila get in 2003? He was betrayed 2 weeks into the Kibaki Presidency.

Kibaki appointed people that Raila did not approve of into Cabinet, and the Promise of PM in the MoU was trashed in two weeks. Without Raila, Kibaki would never have won. But Raila got nothing, and after 3 years of crying, he was publicly sacked and humiliated….

Ruto got in power as DP. First, it is said that he was given a huge amount of cash in order to support Uhuru. Second, for 7 years, Ruto was given half of the Cabinet Posts, which he filled with people like Kazungu Kambi, Achesa, and that yellow lady who used to cry before reading speeches…

Apart from half the Cabinet, Ruto was given 100%of Parliament. It is Ruto who6has been choosing who gets what position in Parliament. Apart from that Ruto was given 70% of State Corporations to appoint Directors. In other words, Uhuru gave Ruto 75 %of Presidential Powers.

For 7 years Ruto called the shots and amassed hundreds of billions in suspect deals. Imagine being able to pay over 150 MPs every week to follow you and sing praises and declaring undying love.

Real Betrayal is using the 75 %power donated to him to undermine his Boss. Paying people like Itumbi to insult his Boss.
That is Real Betrayal. If Uhuru was a traitor, he would have done what Jomo did and kicked Ruto out in 2 years, leaving him a pauper.

He would have done what Kibaki did and kick Raila out in Two weeks and sack him after three years, and leave him poor. But Uhuru is a man of honor. Bending to Ruto’s demands, and even appointing pure Thugs like Achesa and Morons like Kazungu Kambi, just to satisfy Ruto…..

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