How do you fight for a great destiny -Rev Lucy Natasha

Popular Kenyan pastor Rev Lucy Natasha wowed followers of miracle Monday services on 2nd February 2019 with a powerful message dubbed fighting for your destiny.

Her message circled around those yet to arrive at their destinies and was a wakeup call to everyone to make the right choice and firm stand in fighting for a great destiny.

As per the norm, the exhibition hall in 680 hotel was full to capacity everyone ready to grab and receive a powerful message.

As per her message, Everyone was born on purpose and for a purpose. The era of history into which you were born was no mere coincidence or result of chance. She insisted that all human kinds were designed with this moment in history on God’s mind.

Lucy Natasha
Miracle Monday service center

Rev Lucy Natasha finally took it to the platform on the super conversation of fighting for a Destiny. She said that Destiny is not some whimsical, mythical idea. The reason the ideas of destiny and purpose make the heart pound and the adrenaline flow is because they exist and are meant to be realized.

Apparently, she later shared a strong powerful hint of the message on his social media platforms that read.

“You are called to be salt and light.
You are not called to just survive, but to thrive.
You are called to bring Heaven down to earth.
You are called to go against the flow and bring hope, life, and healing in the name of Jesus to the people around you.”


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