How Bloggers Make Money In Kenya

A blogger is a person who creates and manages a blog, which is a regularly updated online personal journal or diary.

Bloggers often write about their personal experiences, opinions, interests, and current events. They may also share information, news, and insights on specific topics such as technology, politics, or fashion.

Blogs are a popular form of online expression and a way for people to reach a large audience. Bloggers in Kenya make money through various methods, including:

  1. Affiliate Marketing: Bloggers can make money by promoting other people’s products and earning a commission on each sale made through their unique affiliate link.
  2. AdSense: Bloggers can monetize their blogs by displaying Google AdSense ads on their sites.
  3. Sponsored Posts: Brands and businesses can pay bloggers to write about their products or services on their blogs.
  4. Product Reviews: Bloggers can earn money by writing product reviews and including affiliate links to the products they are reviewing.
  5. Display Ads: Bloggers can sell ad space on their blog to businesses or brands looking to promote their products.
  6. E-book Sales: Bloggers can write and sell e-books on their blog, either as a standalone product or as an addition to their blog content.
  7. Online Courses: Bloggers can create and sell online courses based on their expertise or niche.
  8. Digital Products: Bloggers can create and sell digital products such as templates, printables, and stock photos.
  9. Services: Bloggers can offer their services, such as writing, graphic design, and consulting, to clients.
  10. Sponsored Social Media Posts: Bloggers can earn money by promoting products or services on their social media accounts.
  11. Freelance Writing: Bloggers can write for other blogs or websites as freelance writers.
  12. Brand Deals: Bloggers can collaborate with brands for sponsored content or product promotions.
  13. Virtual Events: Bloggers can host virtual events such as webinars and workshops to earn money.
  14. Sponsored Content on YouTube: Blogger who also has a YouTube channel can earn money through sponsored videos or product promotions.
  15. Newsletter Advertising: Bloggers can sell advertising space in their email newsletters.
  16. Consulting: Bloggers can offer their expertise to businesses or individuals for a fee.
  17. Memberships: Bloggers can create memberships where they offer exclusive content or benefits to subscribers.
  18. Physical Products: Bloggers can sell physical products such as merchandise, books, or apparel.
  19. Job Board: Bloggers can create a job board on their blog and charge businesses for job listings.
  20. Custom Content: Bloggers can create custom content for clients, such as blog posts, videos, or graphics.


In order to monetize their blog effectively, any blogger in Kenya should have a clear understanding of their target audience and the methods that are most likely to appeal to them.

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