“My best friend got married to my boyfriend after I asked her to test my boyfriend” – Lady cries out

My best friend got married to my boyfriend

A Nigerian lady has revealed to her friend how she lost her former boyfriend after setting him up with her. Known as Pearl said five years ago, the lady asked her friend to check how much she loves her boyfriend and they cooked up a strategy.

Anita saw, smelled, and never left the guy, as she called that buddy. The young businessman revealed how deeply hurt she was, and hope that God would not forgive her friend for usurping her.

“5 years ago I had asked my friend to test my boyfriend to see how much he loves me _Today they are happily married with 2 kids. Anita God won’t forgive you for me.

Come and think why would she do something like this to a girl she claims she loves.

And this is a lesson for two other girls to make these mistakes out there. I think you guys should learn from what happened to this lady I think we need to be vigilant because we don’t know who your friend today could be tomorrow’s worst enemy.

Actually it’s nice that she didn’t see it coming if she didn’t do what she did then I see this as a lesson for her.

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