Revealed: Hon Aisha Jumwa Is Pregnant, Who’s the Father?

Aisha Jumwa

The last time Aisha Jumwa was seen in political engagement was when she was defending Jubilee women senators and MPs who were facing purge for their support of Deputy President William Ruto.

She rebuked the changes on grounds that the women are not getting enough leadership roles to prove their capabilities.

But according to our source we might not see her soon in the public domain.

Said our source, ” madam Kiuono is heavily pregnant and it is showing and from what I hear she is pregnant for a very top government official and powerful politician.

Politically speaking, Ms Aisha Jumwa has remained controversial.

Those who know Ms Jumwa’s history says she has been switching political parties since 1997 when she was elected as a councillor.

According to her bio posted on Aisha Jumwa Katana’s leadership skills were honed when she was first elected as a councilor and later became chairperson of Kilifi Town Council.

She would later vie for a Parliamentary position in 2007 for the larger Bahari Constituency but unfortunately, did not make it. This, however, did not dampen her spirits since in 2013, she decided to contest for the Kilifi woman representative seat and won.

She is credited for having started the Guma water project, which would enable the residents of a village, which was marginalised for a long time have access to piped water.

She is currently facing both murder and corruption cases at the courts.

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