High Promising Counties To Do Business In Kenya

Counties To Do Business

Which are the best counties to do business in Kenya? Here I will discuss, based on facts, what can motivate you into starting a venture in a specific county. The facts are based on:

Expected profit
Ease of doing business
Customer traffic
Business opportunities

Based on these factors, here are the best counties to do business


Nairobi ranks as the best county in Kenya for doing business. The county, which is also the capital city of Kenya, has over 4 million people who are consumers. Any business you start in Nairobi is profitable as long as you have sound management skills and enough capital to run the business.

Since most companies are headquartered in Nairobi, it’s easy to get human traffic into your shop than it would be in other towns.

Some of the best businesses to do in Nairobi include construction of rental apartments, fast food restaurant, pub, matatu business, second hand clothes business and hardware shop.


Mombasa is the second biggest city in Kenya. The town has influx of tourists in millions annually, which has led to mushrooming of hotels. But the good thing is, few businesses record losses.

If you have a dream of starting any kind of business, Mombasa is the right county to do it.The best businesses to do in Mombasa include hotel, guest houses, pub, grocery, real estate, and transport, selling clean water, jewelry shop.

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Kisii also ranks among the best counties to do business in Kenya. If you manage to visit Kisii today, you will agree with me that the number of people in the town is enough to consume any product you introduce there.

If you are planning to do business in Kisii, here is a list of ideal businesses to do:

Car wash
Electronics shop


Kajiado County is expansive; it starts from Kitengela, to Namanga,to Loitoktok,to Ngong and all the way to Kiserian.

Since Kajiado is an agricultural and tourist destination, the best businesses to put up in the county include:

Tour Guide Company
Poultry farming
Real estate business

The good thing about Kajiado is that it’s the fastest growing town in Kenya, hence thousands of business opportunities.


Nakuru County is located between Western Kenya and Nairobi. It comes as the most ideal county to set a business, especially, a wholesale business that would prevent small business entrepreneurs from going all the way to Nairobi to purchase items.

Nakuru is peaceful, serene and business friendly. The dominant tribes, Kikuyu, Kalenjin and Kisii offer positive competition to whoever is setting up any business venture.


Kiambu County is growing fast, faster than 90 % of the towns in Kenya. Being close to Nairobi, it is easier for someone to travel to the city for raw materials and stock.

Most ideal businesses in Kiambu include:

Poultry farming
Hay business
Guest Houses


Narok County contributes more than 2 % of the national GDP, which is due to the many tourists that visit Maasai Mara and also the many businesses in the county.

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There are numerous business opportunities in Narok County, which include tour guide, bodaboda,salon,hotel and guest houses.


Busia County is located in the boundary of Kenya and Uganda. Lot of activities happens in this county especially involving movement of goods between the two countries.

For entrepreneurs who plan to set up businesses in Western Kenya, Busia is the best place to run your business

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