Here is a List of Top 10 Online Businesses in Dubai.

Here is a List of Top 10 Online Businesses in Dubai.

The growth of Online Businesses in Dubai has generated the most adventurous moment for all types of business owners now and in the near future. There has never been a better moment to set up Online Businesses in Dubai than now.

Dubai has made a major step in establishing an e-commerce platform where global investors create extensive links, referrals, and make a kill. The growth of social media is extensively fuelling the growth of markets, as SMEs champion the internet through sales and marketing, and interactions with suppliers and clients.

The online business sector market in Dubai is quite lucrative having exceeded $10billion and having the fact that over 90 % of the world’s population has access to the internet. These efforts have created excellent opportunities and openings for growth in the online business.

Below are the Top 10 Online Businesses that Work Best in Dubai.

Social Media Marketing

Dubai is equipped with businesses that wish to reach many clients at their convenience. A well-engaged social media platform creates an avenue for the growth of e-commerce in Dubai. To get engaged in this sector, you don’t require to have a premise. You also don’t need to meet your clients face to face, since the platform will work best for you remotely.

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Web Design

Due to the high level of competition in Dubai, companies are working towards developing websites so as to boost their marketing efforts. This need has created an endless opportunity for those with skills in web design and development.


Dubai has over 70 percent of foreigners. Despite the fact that Arabic and English languages are common, it is quite uncommon to hear foreign languages like Urdu, Mandarin, and Hindi. This creates a perfect chance for beginning a professional online translation service.

Here is a List of Top 10 Online Businesses in Dubai.
Online Businesses in Dubai.

Job Search Portal

Thousands of graduates in Dubai graduate each year and begin looking for jobs. A job search portal is quite productive and does not need much marketing efforts. What is needed is, just make a category for jobs based on keywords, and then create a list of companies that hire interns, full-time and part-time workers. Your income will be generated from the companies as you post, and as they access the applicants’ resumes.

Additional income will come from featuring ads, and other affiliates like resume writers, online facilitators among others.

Food Delivery Platform

Due to the extreme weather conditions in Dubai, 3 out of every 4 people request food delivery per week. As the admin of the marketplace, all is required is to list the eateries and restaurants and link them to the buyers. You earn a good commision that is based on successful orders, featured listing of restaurants, subscriptions and affiliates.

Online Tutoring

One may have a skill that could be well appreciated in the Dubai marketplace. For instance, if you have a skill in cooking, music, crafts, or any other, you can offer online classes to Dubai students and earn a good commission.

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Online Trading

E-Commerce is booming in Dubai, due to the high purchasing power among the residents. One can apply for an e-commerce license in Dubai and manage their business from anywhere in the world. Very few limitations have been placed on the type of online business to do. you can manage homemade crafts, drop shipped items among others.

Here is a List of Top 10 Online Businesses in Dubai.
Online Businesses in Dubai.


Dubai is the hub for most consultancy services. Accessibility to consultancy has been made quite easier now than ever. Oner can provide consultancy in various sectors relating to human resource management, accounts, marketing among other specialties. All that is needed is a proven experience in the area and engaging a website.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a skill that is needed in every area of business in Dubai. There is extensive demand for every skill that you may think of starting from admin support, email management, web management, customer care, among others.

Data Entry

In Dubai, there is a massive need for experts in data entry, which can be done remotely. All that is needed is an experience in the area and ensure you offer reliable data entry services.

For anyone who wishes to establish and register an e-commerce business in Dubai, one has to go through a number of procedures that involve web development, obtaining an approved e-commerce license, obtain a bank account, then begin.

Lastly, setting up an online business in Dubai only allows having up to 50 shareholders for the business. The shareholders can either be entities, individuals, or even both.

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