Henry Desagu Ranked Among Top YouTubers in Africa, see the Big Amount he Earns a Month

Henry Desagu

Henry Desagu is popularly known in Kenya for the funny videos he is always making. His real name is Ithagu Kibicho, he has always won the hearts of many for managing to continually put a hearty smile on their faces. He rose to instant fame a few years ago when his name was synonymous with fighting sponsors and advocating for the rights of Team Mafisi.

He is also known to take up the role of the common mwananchi in addressing their issues. He draws his inspirations from the life he has been through while in Mwihoko, Githurai.

Henry Desagu

Henry Desagu began his acting career at a tender age, this was through taking up acting roles in church competitions. From then he also did his acting in school especially campus where he majored in comedy.

In recent years Henry Desagu has emerged among the very best in Africa. This was through recognition by YouTube where it decided to name its top performers in content creation.

Henry Desagu

Henry Desagu has also revealed that his talent has been paying him off very well. He has been in a position to secure lucrative advertising jobs with big companies among them Motor Hub which is located in Kiambu road.

He also manages to secure a monthly salary that amounts to nothing less than Kshs800,000. This has been a life-changing experience in his life for it has always ensured his financial security.

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