Man Shares Touching Story Of How He Met His Wife While Selling Orange As A Kid.

Selling Orange

A newly married man has melted hearts on social media after sharing the touching love story of how he met his wife while he was still a kid selling Oranges.

Taking to Twitter to share a throwback and snaps from his wedding, @iKingMillie, wrote about how he and his wife met years back.

According to him, he used to sell orange while he was still a kid, and it was one of those days selling that he met her.

He narrated that she sat with him after she liked the way he peeled the oranges, and from their friendship began. @iKingMillie wrote;

“As a child, I was an orange seller, this girl thought I peeled the oranges nicely , she sat down and we became friends.

Today I married my childhood best friend.”

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