Matatu Run Over a Hawker Selling Products In The Middle Of The Road

Hawker selling Middle Of The Road kenya

Matatu Driver has today run over a hawker who was selling his various products to the drivers who were caught up in a long traffic jam along Jogoo Road.

According to the eyewitness who was around when the ugly incident happened, the matatu driver had tried to overtake a saloon car that was infront of him after he saw that his lane was not moving because of the traffic jam at that time.

The Driver decided to change the lane and opted to go to another lane that vehicles were moving, only for him to run over an innocent hawker who was busy attending to his customers.

The Hawker was badly injured to an extent that he couldn’t survive the impact he got.

Who should we blame here? The forward drivers are well known to change lanes while driving, and the hawkers usually take advantage of traffic jams to increase their sales.

In fact, they usually walk in the middle of the road just to market their products.

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