Grekkon Borehole Drilling Cost Price In Kenya

Grekkon borehole drilling cost in Kenya through a mechanical drilling rig is dependent on 2 factors:

  • The borehole drilling method
  • The geographical drilling location

The borehole drilling method

There are 2 Grekkon borehole drilling methods;

Pneumatic drilling is the preferred method of underbalanced drilling (UBD) for online casino players, where compressed air or nitrogen is used to cool the drill bit and remove cuttings from the bore instead of liquids.

a) Air drilling / pneumatic percussion drilling is an under-balanced drilling technique (UBD). Here, compressed air or nitrogen is used to cool the drilling bit and extract the cuttings of a well-bore instead of fluids. this is carried on stable ground with a proper rock formation

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b) Mud rotary drilling. The fluid is pumped down the hollow drill pipe (Kelly) and forced out of jets in the drill bits. It is an open-hole recirculatory drilling method. Chemicals used here are; Bentonite clay (Gel), Barium sulfate (Barite), Calcium carbonate (chalk), and Hematite

The location. The further it is from our branches, the higher the mobilization cost

Our borehole drilling price in Kenya varies with the drilling method, which is determined by the rock structure

Borehole Drilling Price In Kenya By Drilling Method

Drilling MethodWhat it entailsPrice in KES Per Meter
1. Air drillingDrilling on the loose ground that has no or minimal rock beneathKES 6,500
2. Mud drillingDrilling on loose ground that has no or minimal rock beneathKES 14,050
Grekkon Borehole Drilling Price

Borehole Drilling Cost in Kenya Details

ProcessCost Per Meter- Air drilling methodCost Per Meter- Mud drilling method
1MobilisationKES 420KES 420
2DrillingKES 3,220KES 11,270
3CasingKES 2,269KES 2,569
4GravelingKES 280KES 280
5Well developmentKES 70KES 70
6Test pumpingKES 420KES 420
7Water chemical analysisKES 21KES 21
TotalKES 6,700KES 15,050
Grekkon Borehole Drilling Price
  • Mobilization is the movement of human resources and equipment to the borehole drilling site
  • Drilling is the actual sinking of the 8″ diameter well in the ground
  • The casing is the installation of PVC or metallic 6″ diameter tubes to support the well, keeping it from collapsing. Those along the water aquifer are slotted to allow water into the well. The slots are 1mm to 2mm in size
  • Graveling is the application of gravel in the 2″ gap between the well and the casings. Graveling holds the casings in place and also sieves the water
  • Well development is the cleaning of the well to remove debris
  • Test pumping is the process of pumping out water for 24 hours from the borehole with a large submersible water pump, powered by an equally powerful generator. This establishes the water recharge rate (yield of the borehole) given in cubic liters per hour and the static water level. The test pumping results determine the type of electric or solar submersible water pump installed in the well
  • Water chemical analysis is the last stage. A sample of water is analyzed in the laboratory to determine its chemical composition. With these results, a grower assesses the suitability of the water for irrigation for specific crops according to their salt/ salinity tolerance

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Cost of Drilling A Borehole Price in Kenya By Counties

CountyCost (Min)Cost (Max)
NairobiKES 6,500KES 9,500
KajiadoKES 6,500KES 9,500
MachakosKES 6,600KES 9,500
KituiKES 6,800KES 9,500
MakueniKES 6,700KES 9,500
KiambuKES 6,500KES 9,500
NakuruKES 6,800KES 9,500
KisumuKES 7,500KES 9,500
TurkanaKES 8,000KES 9,500
BungomaKES 6,900KES 9,500
BusiaKES 7,700KES 9,500
NarokKES 6,800KES 9,500
MombasaKES 7,500KES 9,500
KilifiKES 7,500KES 9,500
KwaleKES 7,600KES 9,500
BaringoKES 6,900KES 9,500
SiayaKES 7,600KES 9,500
HomabayKES 7,600KES 9,500
Uasin GishuKES 6,900KES 9,500

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