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Raila Odinga Greed Will Cause His Downfall Sooner Than Later, Shameless Greed Surpasses All U Know

Raila Odinga

Bible Condemns Greed. Thinks RAO Greed Will Cause His Downfall Sooner Than Later.

Luke 12:15, “And He said to them, Guard yourselves. Keep free from all covetousness (immoderate desire for wealth, greedy longing to have more); for a man’s life does not consist in and is not derived from possessing overflowing abundance or that which is over and above his needs.”

When a people have lost their voice and their sense of reason, we can only appeal to the Most High God to intervene.

Luo Counties are giving 80% of all contracts to one family and their associates. In Kisumu, it has gone a notch higher.

The Kisumu County Government has given up its constitutional responsibility of providing WATER to a private company. Yes, a private company that could not even pay employees when it had a monopoly in the Mollases industry.
A private company shall be providing WATER to Kisumu County residents, from Kisumu Town all the way to Maseno.

In addition, the 15 Acre Kibuye Market has been fenced off, and yes it will revert to the same family. Forget about the joke of building a new market.

Thinks RAO Greed Will Cause His Downfall Sooner Than Later

That is after a huge 5 Star Hotel is to be built on the reclaimed Railway Land next to the Kisumu Port. Yes, in a partnership with the same one family.

But, wait a minute! Isn’t Luo Nyanza, the home of all vocal Anti Corruption activists. Isn’t Luo Nyanza, the home of Kaluma, the guy who drafted a Bill to separate Luo Nyanza from the rest of Kenya, because he couldn’t stand the corruption from Nairobi? Yes, it is.

But, as they say, when it is HE, it is not corruption. He has fought for them and deserves to eat. Whatever he eats is not lost. And they are supposedly happy…if he is happy.

They’ll pay money three times the normal rates to his private company, because “he fought for our freedom”. “He fought for our ability to speak. Without him, we would be Rwanda. Without him, I would not be posting nonsense here in Facebook. We must respect him.”

So, in Kisumu, residents shall pay water bills three times what other counties pay, because they like freedom and they adore “our freedom fighter.” They shall watch as their market in Kibuye reverts to FREEDOM FIGHTER’S private control, because he fought for freedom.

The Railway Land in Kisumu that hosted 25,000 businesses shall go to few private billionaires who are his friends…. Because he fought for freedom.


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