Good News To Teachers As Retirement Age Increase By 6yr.


There has been great joy to teachers who have been having sleepless nights over their retirement age.

Following yesterday’s good information to allow church Worshipping of people up to 65 years from 58 years, it gave a great win to teachers.

Since the ministry of health announced that people with 58 years ago, won’t be attending church services, some teachers who had the same age bracket, have been fearing their earlier retirement. If the same was to be applicable in schools next year January 2021 then, they were likely to go home earlier than expected.

Yesterday’s news has also brought great hope to primary schools as they are likely to reopen soon. Allowing children with 6 years to attend church services, has now revived hopes of many Kenyans including myself.

We really congratulate the entire experts for coming up with such good news. We expect churches to be full to capacity as from next week.


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