8 Great Father’s Day Gift For Your Handsome Dad to Choose From.

Great Father's Day Gift

Great Father’s Day Gift: Every 3rd Sunday of June, we celebrate Father’s Day in honor of our, of course, fathers. It’s a celebrated day especially to commemorate our fathers and their parenthood putting them into a highlight.

It’s also a great opportunity for us children to express our gratitude and love to them. Of course, we ought to remember our Dads not just every Father’s Day.

However, if you’re not every day “thoughtful” type of person, this occasion is a great opportunity to express your feelings. You can call and greet him or send a Happy Father’s day card, or better yet, a great father’s day gift to complete the occasion.

How do you pick out a Great Father’s Day gift?

This is somewhat tricky and at the same time, can be quite simple, and fun of course! Tricky, because for a long time (until you started living on your own), the whole family depends on Dad, including you. What would you give him if he’s already providing?

Well, Dads are not perfect; if you look closely enough you’re sure to find little things missing.

Here’s a great tip that doesn’t go out of place among great father’s day gift – give Dad something he can use or tweak about. List down things that Dad does – his hobbies, interests, even include his line of work. Try working on that list and see what he’s missing or what else needs an upgrade. Making your gift not just cute, but functional too.

Here are some great Father’s day gift ideas:

 1. Tickets (to his favorite sports event)

Yes, if your Dad loves sports, treat him to his favorite game and he’ll sure enjoy. It’s also a great bonding time you can even bring the whole family.

2. Cufflinks

They’re one of men’s favorite accessories with so many designs available. And because they’re also quite inexpensive, you can buy more than one pair and give him a set for the whole week instead. 

3. Neckties

Ties make men wearing suits look dashing. Be sure to match the color of the suits before choosing the design. Ties are common great father’s day gift so be on lookout for special discounts.

4. Belt or Wallet

Dad probably has one, but he might have “out-grown?” his belt or wore off them off. Dads like leathers, and belt and wallets are some things they use almost every day. 

5. A favorite record CD

This goes well if you know your Dad’s taste. Try finding out what’s missing in his album collection, or get him one of his favorite artist’s record. Mind you, their music could date back in time so you’ll be in a hunt, hunt, hunt! 

6. A favorite movie DVD

Perhaps a movie collection from his favorite action star, or TV series, or even documentaries.  

7. A Picture frame with Photo

Here’s one that not only Dads can appreciate:  Photos. Pick out your best photo together and clip it inside a picture frame. He might even put that in his work desk.  

8. Niche items

Preferably those related to his interest or hobbies. What does he like to do? Perhaps reading a book – buy him a book from his favorite author/subject; fishing – fishing equipment like a fishing rod or fishing line; gardening – buy him seeds or a grown plant; sports – (depends on what sport he’s playing), cooking – get him a new cookbook to try out, etc. From there, you can think of something he might like that will be a great father’s day gift.

Well, you don’t need to compete with Dad’s or outdo what he has. Great father’s day gift-giving must come from thoughtfulness and a heart that cares, better than trying to impress him. That means that your gift need not be expensive at all.

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