Accident Along Naivasha Road Leaves One Dead And Two In Critical Condition.

Accident Along Naivasha Road

An accident which has occurred along Naivasha-Nakuru road has claimed the life of the driver and left two pedestrians in critical condition, the accident which involved a private vehicle occurred near the Delamere stores.

A witness reported that the driver was overspeeding before he noticed a bump on the road and veered of the road hitting two pedestrians who were walking beside the road leaving them in critical condition.

Both the driver and the two casualties were tzke’and to Nakuru hospital in the patient room section while the driver was taken to the referral mortuary section.

This is happening while Kenya continues to record a high number of daily accidents in the month of August where lots of people have been killed in different accidents.

 With accidents becoming a major problem in Kenya, we hope that the government introduces thought rules and punishments for those who knowingly break the law be it pedestrians or drivers.

This is to ensure that drivers are always following all the traffic signs and not drinking and driving or exceeding the set speed limits and pedestrians in turn only use footbridges to cross the road as well as crossing the road on written zebra crossing signs.

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