“Report To Work Or Be Sacked,” Governor Warned Health Workers.

Governor Warned Health Workers

Kisii County Governor James Ongwae has Warned Health Workers in Kisii county who are on the strikes to get back to work immediately or be fired by the county government.

According to Governor Ongwae who addressed warned the health workers who are on the strike not to lament and blame his government if they get sacked by the government.

Ongwae has insisted that the health workers strike is illegal in the country and there is a need to be warned before disciplinary action commence to be taken against those who are on the strike

“The court ordered health workers not to be on the strike since it was declared illegal I want to see them back to work or be fired and will not sue anybody because they have already defied the court order,” said Governor Ongwae.

The county boss also insisted that he is the only governor who has increased salaries of health workers as compared to other counties in the country.

“Clinical officers and nurses got an addition of 30,000 since devolution I don’t know why they are on the strike I am the only governor who pays a lot of money to health workers even doctors I increased their salaries,” said Governor Ongwae.

Ongwae said he has already received 4,000 applicants of nurses and 25,000 applications of the clinical officers who are looking for jobs and with no doubt will get the job if those who have been at work ignore his directions if getting back to work.

“People have good certificates and they don’t have jobs I dont know why those with jobs are on the strike,” said Ongwae

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