Governor Mike Sonko Continues To Set The Pace, Sonko Joined His Team ‘S.R.T’ in fumigation in Section 3 Eastleigh.

Governor Mike Sonko

Governor Mike Sonko At Section 3 Mlolongo, Nairobi After Joining His Team ‘S.R.T’ In Fumigating The Area.

The embattled Nairobi governor surprised joined his team SONKO rescue team in their daily Nairobi fumigation at section 3 mlolongo. The Fumigating is geared to minimize the spread of coronavirus.

The vocal governor said that his government will continue striving for the safety of his Nairobi people by preventing the spreading of corona virus.

He added that it can only be achieved by thoroughly fumigating public spaces where the virus can survive for a duration ranging from 2-8 hours. Since viruses in such an area can be deposited by infected persons coughing, sneezing, spitting or even touching open surfaces.

s.r.t during fumigation time

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