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Places Visited By Catholic Priest Before Testing Positive for COVID-19


In an effort to contain the grim reality of a looming massive outbreak of the covid-19 in Siaya after news emerged on Monday that an infected catholic priest had mingled with residents of the area, the national government as well as the county government of Siaya have collaboratively deployed emergency response teams to the ground.

Father Richard Oduor who is based in Rome, Italy was pronounced positive following tests conducted on him at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) in Nairobi where he had been rushed after developing chest complications and breathing difficulties.

The response teams are said to have received express instructions to track and trace anyone the priest might have come into contact with during his stay in Siaya and specifically in the following places:

1.The home that the funeral requiem mass took place.

2. Ugunja Shopping Centre.

3.Ambira Villages in Ugunja.

4. Sega Parish in North Ugenya.

5. Yogo Parish in East Ugenya.

6. Jera Catholic Church.

7.The local churches whose priests might have come to meet Father Richard Oduor.

8. Lwak Convert.

9.Health Centres across the Siaya County to see their preparedness.

The teams are also expected to visit Utawala in Nairobi where the victim is believed to have spent a couple of days at his brother’s house.

Fear gripped the county after details emerged from the Ministry of Health that Father Oduor was in fact among the eight new infections reported in Kenya.

Authorities have hinted at the possibility of taking legal action against the priest should he be found culpable to have breached a government directive that requires those entering the country from abroad to quarantine themselves for two weeks. 

Reports indicate that Father Oduor presided over a funeral service that was attended by hundreds of mourners, including eleven priests from local parishes. 

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