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Gov Sonko Is A Streetwise Politician: Why I initiated Nairobi Take-over Discussion.


A lot has been said about HE Mike Sonko’s move to sign the transfer of major county departments to the Central Government.

Some of the Media Outlets have dubbed this move as a ” Soft Coup ” while others have seen this as a betrayal to the thousands of voters who cast their ballots in the 2017 General Elections

However when you consider the tribulations Gov Sonko was facing in the Courts and the impeachment chorus of many MCAs who were his friends before, then you realize that the move the Governor made or Whosoever advised him to make was a brilliant and well-calculated one which had served two purposes.

The paramount interest of any Third World Politicians is personal survival at all costs.

From his humble beginnings to the Governor of the Capital, Sonko knew that he will face the powerful cartels and envious Political elites and when his Deputy resigned Sonko saw the life Insurance for his survival by refusing to appoint a new deputy.
Any motion of impeachment against a Governor without a Deputy had a far-reaching repercussion to the political life of all the County Assembly members of Nairobi

After being arraigned in court and the subsequent order of not accessing his office Sonko decided to bargain with the Central Government which was faced by the looming by-election of Nairobi County and when the little informed MCAs who were dying for Sonkos blood through impeachment moved the motion, the instincts of a street-wise politician came handy.

Save the embarrassment of the Central Government from an election whose outcome is not guaranteed because of the prevailing political temperature and secure a three-year lifeline of the Governorship of Nairobi including saving the lives of the MCAs who were actually committing suicide unknowingly.

Yes major departments have been taken by the Central Government but HE Sonko is still the Governor of Nairobi!

It has been a while since Gov Sonko had a meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta and the signing agreement at Statehouse besides the pain of capitulation, it gave Gov Sonko of at least meeting the President in person.

Besides the official ceremony of the handing over which all the media covered, we don’t know what transpired in the house at the hill!

Only Gov Sonko knows and from the suit, he was wearing during the occasion which is abnormal from his known taste tells more of a respectful capitulation
That is why I Salute Gov Mike Sonko

At the end of the day, Cowards die many times before their Death.

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