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Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko Your Excellency Clearly The Deep State Is Back Again. This The Plans

Deep State

Your Excellency clearly the Deep State is back again, with a negative headline every day about you in their propaganda mouthpiece, the Nation Media Group.

The question is, what is this that they are planning for Round Two?

As it stands, they are conditioning the public again as they did between August and December last year before your arrest.

I keep wondering what role Mr. President is playing in all this, and the two NIS officers assigned to you.

Because, if they were genuine about helping you, they would not be creating problems for you in the first place and then pretend to be helping! It is dishonest, and an indicator that they are all working for your downfall as they manage you. Also, there are some statehouse senior officials who pretend to be helping you but they are just assigned to manage you.

1. Deep State planned your arrest then pretended to come and bail you out with raising 15m cash bail immediately you were charged.

2. They took away your security and haven’t returned it 5 months later but replaced it with NIS senior officers attached at the statehouse. Even the other week, they wanted to take away the City Inspectorate officers assigned to you.

3. Deep State designed a WICKED Deed of Transfer to finish you. Your statehouse friends and the two NIS officers attached to you knew about it, and they NEVER told you anything until you were ambushed.

4. An illegal Supplementary Budget meant to make you a ceremonial Governor was designed, discussed, passed and even gazetted under their watch, and they did nothing!

5. The worst part is, they were forcing you to withdraw your Memorandum even without reading it

6. Illegalities have continued to be committed, from the Head of Public Service, the Public Service Commission, KRA, the National Police Service to the National Treasury and all departments, and they are DOING NOTHING about it all. KRA now purports to open revenue accounts without involving the CEC for Finance, an illegality which is being perpetuated with wanton impunity yet they are mere agents just like Jambo Pay.

7. Your efforts to fumigate Nairobi, install sanitization booths, giving free masks and sanitizers, and donate food to needy families have been frustrated for over a month now and they have done nothing.

8. Deep State have revived the impeachment discussion after you threatened to pull out of the Deed of Transfer but do not be intimidated just keep on fighting you die like soldier.

Your Excellency, are these people telling us that Kibicho, Kamanda, Elachi, and their group are more powerful than the President?

I don’t believe so. They fully know what they are doing, and they wish to continue entertaining you, to manage you as they slowly finish you Sir.

This is my take, Sir. They are determined either to get you out of office prematurely or if that doesn’t succeed, they will do anything possible to prevent you from running for office in 2022.

Given the above, on Deep State you have two options:

1. Go full throttle in terminating the Deed. This way, Deep State will revive your case, and introduce new ones, but you have the law and the people on your side. You will also be able to form new political alliances.

2. Because Kenyans are on your side and now know the truth that you are being forced out of office so that Uhuru and his family can take over Nairobi. Your option two just resign, because the President is the one who is against you and since he’s going to retirement, your future political career is in jeopardy.

Nairobi was not failed as Deep State has been trying to lie to Kenyans, the first two years in office you achieved so many positive things including winning international awards no wonder Kinyua did not allow you to read your speech at Statehouse the day you were signing the Deed of the transfer.

Please take my advice accordingly and act in the best interests of Nairobi voters, your supporters, and the Supreme law of the country.

Yours truly;
Mark Muriuki, Nairobi political analyst

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