Google AdSense Vs MGID

Google AdSense Vs MGID

If you’re using Google AdSense, you may be interested to know whether earnings from MGID can be as good as those from AdSense. I have used both and I can share my own experience.

In 2019, I integrated the Nairobi mini Bloggers with AdSense. I vividly remember I had made four unsuccessful attempts to be approved by AdSense but I finally succeeded. I immediately started monetizing from the platform.

But after one year, I discovered that the money I was earning wasn’t sufficient enough to sustain my lifestyle. That’s when I resolved to look for the best AdSense alternative to supplement my income; fortunately, I applied for MGID through this link and my site was approved.

Before I say much, here is the minimum requirement for approval to the two monetization platforms.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the strictest of all monetization platforms. To get approved , you have to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • At least 40 unique and quality articles
  • High level domain
  • Each article should be at least 500 words long
  • No adult content
  • No minimum amount of traffic is required
  • Only specific niches are required, they include Business, Career tips, Agriculture, Environment& Forestry. Websites with content on latest news, politics and entertainment are not approved.
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Minimum requirements for MGID are:

  • At least 3,000 page views per day(but your blog can be approved with less than 2,000 daily page views, just click here to apply)
  • No adult content

You will notice from above information that to be approved by MGID is extremely easy. For my case, I applied when my blog was still getting below 2,000 page views per day and it was approved within a day. I applied for AdSense and my blog was rejected thrice before it was finally approved. By the way, it takes two stages for AdSense to approve your blog. First approval is fairly easy but the second one is almost impossible.

Income from AdSense and MGID

I have tried both and I can attest none is bad but when it comes to viral blogs, MGID is better than Google AdSense. For my case, when I receive 300,000 visitors per day, I make over $250 per day and when my traffic is 10,000 I make $10 per day. When I was using AdSense, I could make $10-$15 with 10,000 page views. But the good thing about MGID is that you only place it below the post and your blog generates as much income as from AdSense.

One thing I love about MGID is that it doesn’t slow my blog loading speed, unlike Google AdSense which can impact on the speed especially when I place more than 4 banners on a blog.

The only Advantage AdSense has over MGID is that if you have a niche site, your earnings will definitely be higher than you can expect from MGID.I have one  niche site where I make $15 from AdSense with 2,000 daily visitors and $7 from MGID with the same number of visitors.

Which websites do best with MGID

If you have viral websites, entertainment sites, health% fitness sites, websites generating content on politics, breaking news websites, MGID will work magic for you. In fact,if you have both MGID and AdSense in a blog, you will earn from MGID double AdSense income.

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Policies and Regulations

Google AdSense is extremely strict, they can ban you any time. If they give you a warning and you don’t make changes as per their instructions, you will wake up and find your site is banned…and they don’t give you a second chance.

Most publishers on Google AdSense are always on toes because they can be banned at any time.MGID on the other hand is not strict, as long as you don’t have adult content, content that promotes racism and violent information. With MGID, you will be 90% certain that your website won’t be banned.

How to join MGID and earn money

You can join MGID through this link. Once you have been accepted into the platform, make sure you select Paypal as the payment system, that’s for the start and when your blog starts generating over $1,000 per month, change your payment system to Wire Transfer.

Can I use both MGID and AdSense on the same blog?

I know most publishers are wondering whether they can use both MGID and AdSense on the same blog. I will say a big YES.AdSense allows publishers to have MGID on their blogs. So, if you are using AdSense, don’t fear applying to MGID here and increase your income significantly.


Both Google AdSense and MGID are good and it’s good to apply for both so that in case anything happens to your AdSense account, you will continue earning from MGID

How much money can you earn from AdSense and MGID? Here is a table showing estimates from entertainment and news blogs

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